To create modern musical instruments which improve
the learning process and inspire more people from all
walks of life to experience the joy of making music.

In 2007, Graham visited Max in Hong Kong to discuss the redesign of the Lyons C Clarinet. We set up Nuvo after discovering a shared passion for helping people of all ages and walks of life to experience the joy of playing a musical instrument. Graham has 40 years experience in performing, composing and teaching clarinet, saxophone, flute and bassoon while Max has 20 years of designing and manufacturing consumer products. After the successful launch of the Nuvo Clarinéo C clarinet in 2009, we went on to create the Nuvo Student Flute and jFlute. A number of other instruments are on the drawing board.

We want to collaborate with anyone who would like to help us with our mission. Whether you're a teacher with a new method, an instrument maker who wants to share ideas or a performing musician who wants to play and promote Nuvo instruments, we'd like to hear from you.

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Enhanced Learning

Learning to play a musical instrument can be profoundly lifechanging. Besides the joy of making music, it gives increased confidence and a heightened sense of purpose. Numerous studies have revealed that students who participate in music programmes at an early age perform better in other subjects and thrive socially. It is equally joyful and rewarding to take up a musical instrument later in life. Our most senior Nuvo student is 86 years young!

However, learning to play a musical instrument isn't easy! It requires concentration, frequent practice, a good teacher, a suitable instrument and some degree of passion. Many traditionally designed instruments present hurdles that add to the challenges and inhibit the learning process unnecessarily. We produce instruments that minimise those hurdles and make learning easier and faster.

Design Philosophy

We are passionate about improving instrument design. The Nuvo design process starts by taking a fresh look at the form, mechanisms and materials commonly found in traditional instruments, many of which have their design roots in the 1800s. Our instruments respectfully preserve the musicality of traditional instruments while adding modern innovations that make learning more effective and rewarding. We create instruments that are:


Our instruments are ergonomically suitable for all ages. They are light weight and easy to handle.


Our instruments are designed to make note production easy for beginners but the quality of the tone is not compromised.


Our instruments can withstand extreme use making them particularly suited to the classroom. It is safe to keep them assembled and out on a desk stand or wall hanger, which encourages more frequent practice.


Our instruments can be customised. We provide a choice of colours, styles and special editions.


Our instruments are easy to carry around, assemble and clean. The materials used are 100% washable in warm soapy water! They are easily maintained.


Our instruments are affordable for school programmes at all levels worldwide.


Our instruments are a source of joy.

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